Pizza Oven

A slice of Happiness from our mobile Pizza Oven

Our mobile wood fired pizza oven as an option for parties and outside catering. The oven heats to 425 degrees and cooks each pizza in under 2 minutes.

Heat is produced from below and above, resulting in a crust that is charred to perfection and a topping that is slightly crispy and full of summer flavour.

Using our authentic hand stretched Pizza dough as the base, we can add my home-made tomato sauce made with tomato’s grown in my own garden, hand-made garlic butter, a variety of toppings as previously agreed with you and a selection of home-made salads.

Our wood fired mobile pizza oven requires no electricity or water. We will bring it to your location and get everything ready with minimal impact on your party.

Once the oven is set up and raring to go, we will prepare, cook and slice the pizzas to your requirements. Guests can help themselves buffet style to salads and sauces and most people like to watch us at work!

Whether it’s meat toppings, vegetable, or salad, we are more than happy to cater to you and your guest’s dietary requirements. The goal is to make things as stress free as possible!

Gluten free pizza are available to pre-order – (not home made) and are cooked on a pizza tray so there is no cross-contamination.

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